Shitima School

The Shitima School is located on the outskirts of Kabwe and serves many of the smallest and most at-risk residents of Makalulu, the nearby slum and the second largest shantytown in sub-Saharan Africa. This school provides education, housing and a strong, supportive environment to orphans, former street kids and other children who would otherwise be living in terrible poverty and deep deprivation. We also provide our students with meals and medical care.

Currently, there are 446 students at Shitima School. We also have 96 students in our Residential Programme. We also sponsor 15  students at outside institutions.

Our staff have worked very hard to create an environment in which respect, personal achievements and self-discipline are valued, helping the students to realize their full potential on a daily basis while surrounded by support and love. Our students come from very difficult backgrounds and Shitima strives to be sensitive to this unique nature of our student body. Our students sit the National Examinations and we have routinely enjoyed excellent results, of which we are intensely proud of. 

Shitima leadership

The Zamcog Leadership on the ground in Zambia includes:

JULIE-ANNE UGGLA   Founder, Board Member   Julie-Anne Uggla, founder of Zamcog, has been a non-profit fundraiser for 16 years, working successfully in the Ukraine, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Rwanda, the UK and now Zambia.  'The only way to successfully impact an impoverished country is through education' says Julie-Anne.  'We are providing choices and opportunities for these kids so that they can break the cycle of poverty.'

Sylvester has been involved in education and the care of orphans and at-risk children throughout his career. Having graduated from the University of Zambia with a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Sylvester has since devoted himself to advocating the rights of the vulnerable children of Zambia through the power of education. He strongly believes in the principles of freedom, responsibility and fairness, and his lifelong passion has been personal contribution to the welfare of society.

His position at Shitima has given him a “unique insight into human vulnerability, deprivation and negligence” and enjoys working with the students to uncover their real feelings and their true potential. “Above all,” says Sylvester, “Shitima is an important institute because it is a beacon of hope for all the forgotten souls of Kabwe”.

BROTHER GEORGE POIRIER - Chairman of the board
Brother George served as Director of Shitima from December 2009 until January 2014. A native of the United States, Br George has lived his entire adult life in Zambia as a teacher and manager of agricultural development projects. He brings a wealth of experience to Shitima and has had an extremely positive impact.

SIMPLICIO MPONDI - Executive Director
Simplicio did most of his studies in Lesotho where he graduated in 1979 with a BA plus concurrent Certificate in Education from the National University of Lesotho, after spending two years completing his school education in the UK. He was Deputy Head at schools in Lesotho and Zimbabwe, then Acting Headmaster and finally Headmaster of the Loreto High School in Zimbabwe from 1994 to 2014. He successfully completed MED in 2000 with the Open University of Zimbabwe. His many achievements at that school include construction of an ICT and a Biology Lab, introduction of A-levels, and in 2007 the Secretary’s Bell Merit Award for the school (best in all areas: academic, school grounds, school buildings, staff houses, school discipline, school projects etc.) in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe.


HENRY KAPOLYO - Director of Julie-Anne's Children Home

Henry has a certificate in storekeeping and stock control which he obtained from the Transworld Tutorial College UK. He worked in a printing company as a graphic designer and camera operator for almost 14 years, before he rose to the position of production manager, a position held for 18 years. He was then area manager covering Central Province of Zambia for another marketing company for 7 years. He has worked for many years at his church as a youth co-ordinator. Henry very much enjoys working with and supporting children and young people.

One of the exciting new developments in 2009 was the revitalization of the Parent Teacher Association at Shitima, which should probably be called the GPTA – Grand Parent Teacher Association. Since many of our students have been orphaned and live with relatives, there is a group of grandparents, as well as a few parents or other relatives, who have helped out at the school on projects from time to time. This has been formalized into a PTA, with several committees formed to oversee elements of the school including Kitchen, Security, Buildings and Hygiene.