About Zamcog

Zamcog is a UK based charity which helps educate some of the most at-risk children in Zambia.

Zamcog supports the Shitima School, which began as a one-room classroom with only 8 students in the outskirts of Kabwe, Zambia. In the past 11 years, it has been transformed into a fully functioning boarding and day school for over 446 pupils, with two separate schools: the Robert Shitima Primary School and the Markit Secondary School, both of which boast bright and engaged students of all ages that are achieving some of the highest grades in Zambia.

Shitima has 21 students in the Residential Programme and supports 15 students at outside institutions. Shitima sets them on a path towards a happy and healthy future through the seeds of knowledge and self-confidence planted by education.

Some of our achievements

  • The planting of our annual maize field
  • The planting of our garden that feeds entire school fresh vegetables every day
  • The purchase of 25 acres on the outskirts of Kabwe
  • Construction of security wall
  • The construction of Markit Secondary School - grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • Our awards in cultural dance and poetry
  • Construction of a science lab
  • Our first five students have graduated from grade twelve, and are now pursuing post-secondary qualifications in engineering, secondary teaching, clinical medicine and automotive mechanics
  • Construction of sports playing field, football pitch, netball court, basketball court, young children’s playground (swings, slides, climbing frame etc)
  • Purchase of school bus
  • The construction of a dining hall, seating over 300 students
  • Purchase of one school pick up truck
  • Construction of a kitchen
  • Some of the highest pass rates in the district for our students sitting for Gr 7 and Gr 9 exams
  • Our school sports teams participating at local and national level
  • The construction of two separate primary school blocks (grades 1 -7), and the renovation of a third
  • Creating more than fifty jobs to run school
  • Access to medical care
  • Counselling and AIDS prevention programmes
  • The construction of two boys dormitories accommodating 70 students. The construction of one girl’s dormitory accommodating 30 girls
  • Construction of ablution block for day students
  • Building student enrolment from twelve to over 420 students
  • Happy, healthy, positive children realising their potential
  • Construction of another classroom and a computer room/library
  • Construction of sewing and tailors rooms

Our supporters

Thank you very much to the following generous individuals and organisations:

Richard Garnett
David Reid
Christopher Biggins
Tom Voyce
Steve Collins
Paul Sackey
James Haskell 
Mr Gavin Davies
Adam Dickens Photography